How it all happened…

Welcome back!

I guess I should explain a little bit about the job and why I’m off to Switzerland. I completed a doctorate in Biochemistry at the end of 2005 and spent a few months doing nothing. Well I did lots of stuff, but things I’ve wanted to do for a while but never had the time. I learnt how to ski and went on holidays to the Niagara Falls and Florida. I researched my family tree (which still needs plenty of work) and started running regularly to get back in shape. I took a French course to brush up on the old “parlez vous” and even had a go at learning the tin whistle. Great stuff!

All the while I had been applying for jobs in Switzerland and I was getting nowhere. Then a job became available in the Biozentrum (see the link on the right and the picture above) in Basel. I applied for it twice and eventually emailed Martin (my new boss) directly. He hadn’t received my first two applications but was interested and invited me over. And the rest as they say is history. Last weekend I visited Martin’s lab and gave a talk on the Monday morning. What followed was a very long day of discussing projects, which was finally rewarded with a beer by the banks of the Rhine (see below) and a job offer!! So I’m off sometime in the next four to six weeks.

All of a sudden I need to get things sorted out. It’s exciting but daunting at the same time. First things first however, we’re off camping for the weekend. And unless the campsite has wireless internet access I won’t be posting till next week!

Until then,



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