I’m back…


Just returned from a great weekend away with my girlfriend and five friends. We went camping to Achmelvich on the north west coast of Scotland. Arrived late on Friday night (five hour drive from Dundee with a stop for fish and chips!) and set up camp. Saturday turned out to be overcast and a little wet in the morning. So we hedged plans to go up a mountain and went for pies (I recommend the vension and cranberry!) and pints in the local pub while watching the World cup. Finished the day with a BBQ and campfire on the local beach. Thats my perfect “walking” weekend!!

Back now and things are gathering pace. This morning I officially accepted the job with Martin in Basel. I’m very excited about it but have a lot to do before moving. I’ve also realised I have some social engagements in the next few weeks I can’t miss. Will and Sarah are getting married at the end of July and Ed (a friend from college) is returning to Ireland from Australia in the middle of August. I haven’t seen him in a year or so and promised to be over there for the party! So this means I might be moving over quicker than expected before returning for the socials or else will wait until after Ed’s trip to move across.

Things to do today:

1. Finish the corrections on my thesis.
2. Notify the letting agents and management agents of my impending move in case there are any problems.
3. Sort out council tax on the appartment in Sheffield.

The fun of it all. But it means that things are actually happening which is great. I’ll let you know how many of the listed things I actually get done!



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