Getting there…

Hello again,

Just back from another walk which was great. A friend of ours, Sarah has holidays after qualifying as a medic and wanted to go walking today. So we headed off to Glen Clova, about an hour north of Dundee and walked two munros. The weather was a bit pants but it was good to be outdoors and getting a bit of exercise. Plus we were back for three in the afternoon. Good work for a Tuesday morning!

Managed to get some of the things on my list done yesterday. Wrote and sent letters to the council tax people and the management agency to sort out the flat in Sheffield. Was also given the good news that the City Council in Sheffield owed me money! Not often you hear that. Hopefully they’ll refund it to me before I depart.

Was in touch with Martin about possible start dates and gave him the options I felt were the best. Start for a week or two before the wedding or wait until after it and Ed’s visit to start officially. He said he would talk to his group and decide whats best. So I guess I’ll wait and see.

England play Sweden tonight in the World Cup so off to see the game in the local. No predictions on the score but England may have a fight on their hands. Their manager is Swedish after all!



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