T minus 2 months…

Slow day…

Today has been quiet. Got up and went running. We did our usual 5km (3.2 miles) but managed it in 33 minutes this morning which was great. Thats roughly an 11 minute mile pace which I’m very happy with.

But I feel the running, walking and weekend of excess is catching up and I’m feeling a wee bit tired! However, there’s no rest for the wicked, tonight we have four friends coming over for dinner. Lots to celebrate. Kathryn has just submitted her thesis for a doctorate and Dave and Mary recently announced their engagement. And I got the job! So looking forward to dinner (chicken, asparagus and ratatouille pancake stack) and a few glasses of wine.

As far as the job is concerned I’ve just heard back from Martin about a start date. It looks like I’ll be starting in September. Which is great as it gives me some time to sort things out. Also gives me a bit of time to brush up on the literature before starting the job. He said a post-doc in a neighbouring lab will be leaving his apartment in August and I might be able to move in there which would be great. We’ll see how things go.

I’m keen to try and streamline my “stuff” to make the move a little easier. The British Red Cross has benefited from my recent clear out (clothes, CDs, DVDs, lava lamp and lots of other cool stuff that were really hard to get rid of). I also have taken the big decision to put my CDs and DVDs into a carrying wallet and get rid of the boxes. Its worked brilliantly. Saves on the weight and size. Not sure why they don’t sell DVDs in CD boxes. Seems it’d make a lot more sense?

So thats it for now, England earned a tough draw last night and it was a good laugh in the pub. Going to miss the Argentina vs. Holland game tonight which will be a cracker I think.




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