One bottle each…

Dinner last night was great. We ended up with a bottle of champagne each! But as I’d said we had lots to celebrate. Even though Dave, Mary and Kathryn claimed to be hungover they held up their end and got through the bubbly. Larry, Eva and I did our best to keep up with them. Topics at dinner ranged from spider webs to the steak I had on the eve of the millenium!! We covered everything really including shooting monkeys with tranquilisers. The dinner was fantastic. Eva worked her usual magic and everyone was well impressed.

Getting the start date for the job makes things a lot easier. I can now plan the move a little better and get everything sorted out. It also means I can hang round with the guys for a little longer. Larry is just back from five weeks away in Oz and before that both of us were pre-occupied with our thesis defences. So it’ll be nice to have time for a few pints and catch up. Plus he’s getting a new MacBook Pro which I’m very keen to have a play with!!

Martin (the new boss) also mentioned in his email that there could be an apartment available from the end of August. A post-doc is leaving and his apartment will be vacant. Hopefully that’ll work out. Eva is going across to Basel soon and she might be able to get a viewing of the place. That would make things a lot easier.

That’s it for now. Off to Edinburgh tonight to fly to Belfast tomorrow morning (7am, its not natural!!). There’s a birthday party on and it’ll undoubtedly be another weekend of excess! Its not easy but I’ll battle on. Until next week,



One response to “One bottle each…

  1. i cant believe you’re still going on about that steak on new years eve 6 YEARS AGO!!!!!

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