Shiver me timbers…

Just back from my trip to Belfast and about to go on the next trip, both of which have pirate references. Our visit to Belfast was great fun. Got in very early on Friday morning and faffed about. Then went into the city shopping. Chris and I left the girls to try on jeans and wandered around Virgin and the Games Workshop. Then off to the Crown bar for a few quiet ones and lunch. We moved over to Julies house (thanks Julie!) in the evening and proceeded to eat and drink her Mum out of everything in their house!

Saturday was spent recovering. A slow morning with a big fry, followed by a round of pirate crazy golf set us up for an evening of watching the football and going for dinner. Yours truly won the golf but didn’t have to buy the first round! It was a win win situation!. Sunday was spent lying in the garden rehydrating, playing trivial pursuit (badly!) and eating icecreams. Such a great trip away. But thats only the first pirate reference.

The second reason I’m shivering me timbers is that tomorrow I’m off with Eva to sail with a few friends from the Orkney Islands back down to Dundee. We’re getting the train up, the ferry across to the islands and will meet up with Andy and co. there for the trip back. Very excited but quite nervous. My record with sea-sickness doesn’t bode well for three or four days on board. However I’m determined to get through it and feel its an opportunity too good to miss. But I probably won’t be posting till after, if I return at all!

No progress on the job or moving to Switzerland just yet. I’ll keep you posted. As Andrew has mentioned in his blog our “niece” just turned one at the weekend. Happy birthday Florence! I’m off to practice talking like a pirate…



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