Feedin’ the fish…

I always intended to make it back to Dundee on the Caol Ila. On Thursday morning I got up early and was determined to stay active to avoid a repeat of the sea sickness. Jamie and Andy encouraged me to stand up at the back of the boat and helm. This improved things a lot, I could see ahead, anticipate the waves and keep the brain active. It didn’t last long!

About an hour or two into the trip I threw up, then again and then again. Feedin’ the fish! I sat at the back of the boat, wrapped up and just tried to avoid getting sick. Its strange when you’re feeling ill, you convince yourself that you have to avoid everything, just concentrate on the nausea. Anyway, I stayed in that corner of the boat for the next few hours as we were on a pretty long leg of the journey (it took 12-13 hours in the end).

The highlight of the day had to be seeing two RAF Tornado fighter planes up close. I heard the sound of the engines and looked up. One came right over the top of us. I swear I could read the writing on the underside of the plane. His partner was off to the left in formation. They must have been out on training missions, flying low over the ocean. It was amazing! I was buzzing for half an hour afterwards. My mind was also occupied with the guys swinging in a harness off the boat and getting dunked in the waves. Great fun.

Eventually I got cold and under doctor’s orders (Andy the skipper is also a GP), I headed into the cabin to sleep. I was against this as I felt I was going to get sick if I went below. Sure enough, half an hour later I threw up into a strategically placed bucket (“ol’ chum bucket” in pirate lingo!) But I basically slept for the rest of the night. I’d had enough by then and got off the next morning with Jamie and Mairead who were heading back to Dundee. I’d made it as far as Fraserburgh near Inverness and was happy with that! Eva, Andy and Emma soldiered on to Montrose where we met them on Saturday and went back to Sarah’s house for a slap up meal cooked by Mairead (thanks!).

Thats it for the trip, the photos are on the way. I’m currently trying to find a flat in Basel for the start of September. Maja sent me details of my salary and so I need to budget how much I can spend on accommodation. The Swiss system for advertising property is a little misleading as well. They list the apartments as having two or three rooms. I soon realised this includes living rooms and not just bedrooms. So have to be careful what I go for.

Thats it for now, I’ll keep you up to date with the property hunt. Off to watch the second World cup semi-final in Alisons house tonight. If its half as good as the one last night we’re in for a treat.



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