And relax…


Now that I’ve entertained you with tales of throwing up and derring-do on the the high sea, its very much back to normal for the next day or two! The last week has been spent re-hydrating! And we’ve managed to squeeze a little exercise in as well. Every week, Eva and I try to go running twice if not three times. We’ve got a route that covers 3.2 miles (roughly 5km) from our front door, down the road and back along the river Tay.

At the moment with the weather and daylight are so good, we’re getting up early (6.45am)and trying to get a few runs in. I like it, gives us a chance to talk in between coughing a lung up, means we have time for breakfast in the morning and there’s a sense of satisfaction at completing it. And times have become all important! I’ve never been one for recording my exercise or being that competitive. When I swam a lot times were important and people became fixated on them. We’re not competitive about our times, but its good to know how fast we’re running and to compare from week to the next. This morning we did it in 36 minutes. A little slow compared to normal (34 mins) but it was very hot.

Apart from that, we’ve been to Marius and Connie’s on Tuesday and Alison and Micks on Wednesday to watch the two World Cup semi-finals. Great food, one or two beers and some fantastic football. All very enjoyable. This weekend the pace picks up again. Will has his stag do and we’re off quad biking on Saturday morning, followed by a few pints and camping in Dunkeld. Should be great fun.

I’m still on the look-out for places to stay in Basel. One thing I have noticed is that almost every advertisement comes with only a picture of the bathroom? Now, while a good bathroom is a thing of beauty, I’d much rather see pictures of the rest of the apartment first and then the facilities. Very strange. But there are good options available and I need to figure out how much to spend on rent each month. That kinda dictates the location and quality. Back to looking at bathrooms!!



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