Barbeques and bikin’…

Because of the move I’m shedding as many of my worldly possessions as possible. This means reading the books I’ve always meant to read but have never got round to. In the last week I’ve knocked two off the list; “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown and “The Traveller” by John Twelve Hawks. Both had been bought in an airport WHS Smith in a three for two offer as mindless reading fodder for a trip I was taking. I never got round to them. But I’m glad to say they’re on their way to the charity shop now.

The Traveller posed some interesting ideas and had good unique characters. However I felt it was based too much on popular science fiction mainly influenced by the Matrix and Highlander. Still, it occupied me for a few days. As for Angels and Demons, what started out as a good gripping story descended into farce in the final few chapters. I ended up disappointed, similar to the ending of the Da Vinci code. I can see where the hype comes from for Dan Brown’s novels but lets say I’m glad I’ve it finsihed and won’t have to revisit it!

Tonight we’re off to Sarah’s house for a barbeque and a few drinks. It should be great, the weather in Dundee at the moment is fantastic and it’ll be a good warm up for the stag weekend. Went to the Fishermans last night to meet Will and Sarah. Also bumped into Larry and Carol. Everything is set up for the weekend and I got to meet Will’s best man and brother, George. They’re identical twins and the first I’ve met. Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t stare I couldn’t help it initially!!

I’ve found two or three flats in Basel I’m interested in and have emailed Verena to get her opinion. I’m hoping to hear back soon. Talking to Carol last night, she suggested a few areas to live in. She worked for a few months with Novartis there. I’ll send her the details too and see what she thinks.

Won’t be posting over the weekend so until Monday…



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