We need dry kindling…


I’m back from the stag-do. I smell of camp fire and have really sore legs? Anyway, had a great time.It was a proper stag/boys weekend away. Left at 8.30am on Saturday, got to Dunkeld at 9.30 and onto the quad bikes at ten. I’ve never driven a quad before or have any experience of bikes in general. But it turned out to be very easy, essentially a throttle and brake. So we had a few warm up laps in a big field to get used to the turns and the speed. These things were nippy, our guide said they got up to 25 mph!

So we set off around the course, through bog, forest and farm land. Very good fun, challenging and a little unstable at time. The bikes soak up a lot of the bumps. The best bit was saved for last. When we got back to the “warm-up field” the guide challenged us to a race. It had been raining all morning so the grass was like ice. Fantastic fun, sliding sideways around telephone poles while trying to keep Geoff behind me!

We got back to Dunkeld and had lunch, stovies in the Taybank, with a few pints. Iain got some makeup sorted out and Will was given a make-over outside the pub. Beautiful hints of purple and pink. I’ll post the photos soon! We headed up to the nearby crags and spent time in the forest making rope swings and zip lines. Real boyscout stuff this, revisiting the childhood! The evening was spent having a “few pints” of Ossians in the Taybank listening to Will and Jamie play trad/folk music with a few musicians in the bar.

The defining moment of the weekend came when we got back to camp. We had pitched the tents in sunshine and blue skies. When we left the pub it had been raining hard for a while, which meant our fire wood was now soaked through. We were scrambling round the forest by torchlight looking for some dry kindling when Jamie had the idea of using fuel from his stove “to get things going”. I had my back to the fire and was searching for wood when it seemed the whole place lit up. I could see everything for a second and heard Jamie cursing! There was a pillar of flame about ten to fifteen feet high! He claims he only used 200 millilitres! We had a few cans of beer and enjoyed the fire and tried to stay dry!

I’ve only just recovered and have got news of the next trip away! Eva and I are meeting friends in Ireland for a week in August. The trip has been organised by our friends Claire and Fran. They’ve booked a cottage for us down in Baltimore in Cork. It looks fantastic and promises to be a brilliant few days. Thats it for now.



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