Hello from Sheffield…


Got down here on Tuesday night. I’m meeting my internal examiner tomorrow in relation to my thesis. If she is happy with the corrections I made after my exam then I can re-submit it and hopefully graduate as a fully fledged doctor! It’ll be good to get rid of it!

Being back in Sheffield is weird. I have to admit I wasn’t “chomping at the bit” about coming back! Not sure why that is. I love meeting up with friends, Richard and Gin, Mike and the rest of the guys in the lab. Its also not Sheffield itself, the city is great and I enjoy being round here. I think when I left I’d had enough and needed a change of scenery.

But things here are good. Richard and Gin kindly put me up at short notice. Hadn’t planned to come down for another two weeks. To cut a long story short, a cousin of mine is getting married and Eva and I didn’t receive an invite. Which was fine, except they had sent one and it didn’t arrive. So there was a flurry of phone calls and so I’m now going to the wedding. Which meant I had to come down to Sheffield this week! Its not easy!

I also want to say congrats to Eva on getting her paper accepted and soon to be published. So happy for her because it hopefully means she’ll get to Basel a little quicker! I’m selfish that way! Regarding Basel I’ve agreed to move into a studio flat that Verena, the nice secretary has arranged for me. I can stay there for up to a year which should give me plenty of time to find a place for myself and Eva. I also got my pension plan sorted out over there! Pensions, now I know I’m getting old. Next up, I need to actually book the flights to get there. But first things first, the thesis…

Will be in touch,



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