Best buttermaker in the south…


Still in Sheffield, its all going according to plan so far. Got an email today that I have to share with you. I haven’t really got round to it yet but I’ve been meaning to blog about my research into the family tree. When I finished the PhD I had lots of energy and nowhere to put it. My Dad has done great work on both his and my Mum’s family so I decided to carry it on.

One branch distantly related to me (my great-grandfathers, brothers wife!!) yielded lots of results. It led to me getting in touch with a guy called John Murry over in the States and the Greenslades over in Australia. They have since sent me fantastic information and pictures to do with this branch of the family. This is the latest one, excuse the bad quality, its a scan of a scan if you get my meaning!

May I introduce Mary (Stokes) McAuliffe. Check out the hat! Supposedly she won it for being the best buttermaker in Dromcolliher, the town the family originated from! I think its a fantastic picture and fills another gap in the tree. This is the mother of the wife of my great grandfathers brother. This stuff really gets complicated.

Finally, check out the link I added on the right. Captain Fuchsia is making big news in the music industry and is predicted to be the next big thing. He also happens to be my cousin!



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