221..222…223 pages


I’ve been printing like a maniac today, making minor amendments as I went along. I’ve got everything except my intro printed out and ready to go. Due to a rather tight schedule I had hoped to have the whole thing printed today and handed into the book binders tonight. I now realise my internal examiner will not be reading my intro till the weekend? So after all of that I have to wait and see.

I shouldn’t complain as I organised all this at the last minute. As always. I would just like to be rid of it for good and get on with sorting out stuff for Basel. Frustration is mounting but seeing the four neat piles of printed thesis here (minus introduction) goes some way to relieveing the high blood pressure. It also means I’m going to be in over the weekend making any changes necessary to the intro. I’m going to go to my happy place now and centre myself or whatever!

Apart from all that things have been quiet as I’ve been focussing on getting this thing finished. Played squash against Mike last and another guy in the club here called Pete. It was the first time I’d played in eight months so I was a little rusty. Lost every game! But its got me back into the swing again if you’ll excuse the pun. By the way if you click the club link above you’ll see a rather distorted picture of me covered in cotton wool, pretending to be a snowman at last years charity squash fancy dress thing. I challenge you to play in a homemade lagging jacket!

Thats it for now. Heres the link for Eva’s paper. So glad its worked out and its cool (in a nerdy/sciencey way) to see her name in pubmed! I’ll post something more coherent over the weekend.



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