Lazy Saturday…

The pace has slowed today compared to the running around yesterday. And I’m glad in some respects. Even though the thesis is still not away, the end is in sight. This morning I’ve just been reading through things making sure everything is in order. Changed one figure to ensure it was bright enough to see all the detail.

Last night I went to Richards local for dinner (minted lamb with carmelised onions…nice!) and a few pints with Mike and his new girlfriend Michelle. Had a great time just chatting and having a laugh. Its a nice comfortable pub but the Guinness started off bad. It steadily improved as the night wore on, not sure if it was my taste buds slowly numbing or the barmans admission that the first pint was from the bottom of the keg.

Speaking of bars and Guinness I located the Irish bar in Basel! Just a quick Google search revealed Reillys. Carol, my friend from Dundee, had reccommended it to me so I’ll have to give it a try. I’ve been searching around to see if there’s an Irish community in Basel but so far haven’t found much. There’s an Irish bar no matter where you go!

Weather here is good so off to wander down-town and get some lunch. Then back to work for an hour or two in the afternoon and back to Richards.



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