Sheffield in the sun…

I’ve never posted twice in the one day,

This is a first for me! I got back from an extended lunch break a while ago. The sun is splitting the stones here (max 25 °C – which is good!) and so I wandered around Sheffield city centre to see what had changed since I left in November. The place looks great actually. They have completed the refurbishment of the City Hall and put in some funky fountains outside. The new hotel down by the Winter Gardens is nice, it sticks onto the side of the “big greenhouse” and looks very swish. More fancy fountains outside of it too! Even went past The Crucible for old times sake. Its where they hold the snooker world championships.

I like Sheffield when its buzzing and busy. Because of the weather the Peace Gardens was packed with families. The fountains were filled with children trying to stay cool in the heat. Just beside these waterworks is one of my favourite places to eat. Ha Ha Bar and canteen is a great place to go at the weekdn and have food and a pint. Was always a favourite of mine on a Sunday afternoon with the Sunday papers. God I sound old but its a great place to relax.

So its been a good day. I’m off back to Richards to spruce myself up before heading to Caroline and Nicks for their engagement party. Congrats by the way!! Will be in touch,



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