Can you call back…


I’ve been a little forgetful over the last few days. In work we need our student card to get into the building and another card to get into the lab. I brought my ones down from Dundee and used them for the first few days. On Thursday night we played squash and I managed to leave my cards at the sports centre reception. When I realised I called them and the guy said he had found it and I could collect them at any time.

Long ago I lost all faith in this establishment. The facilities are fine but the management and staff are pretty incompetent. I often booked squash courts to turn up and realise they hadn’t booked it or over-booked it or got the time wrong. So I turned up this morning to collect my cards. I walked in just after 9 in the morning and the guy at the reception looked like he would rather have been anywhere but there. The conversation went like this:

Guy: “Can I help you mate?”
Me: “Yeah, I left my Ucard and salto card here on Thursday night. I called and they said I could pick them up at any time”
Guy: “Where did you leave them?”
Me: “Right here” – pointing to the counter
Guy: “Okay give me a second”

So I waited as he went into the back office. He returned after a minute and said

Guy: “I can’t find them mate!”
Me: “Oh, cos they said they’d found them. I need the cards to get into work”
Guy: “Sorry mate, it was someone else who found them, I don’t know where they are?”
Me: “Can you get in touch with this person or look around again?”
Guy: “No, sorry mate I can’t look for them at the moment. Can you call back tomorrow?”

I need to stress that there was no-one else around at this time. There were four kids playing football on a pitch outside and a cleaner mopping the floor? What else was he doing? To finish the story I had to call back after lunch. He managed to find one of the cards and asked me to call back again to see if he found the second one? The mind boggles.



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