Where’s page 39…

Its gone,

Done and dusted. I feel absolutely drained. Today was a mad dash to get the introduction printed and the final draft finished and put together. Of course everything went wrong at the last minute. I had it all printed to realise that the page numbers were out of sync. So there were some creative methods of text swapping to get them matched again which was fine. Dropped it into the printers at 16.45 this afternoon. Signed the form and filled in the details. Its gone.

Its a strange feeling. I’m not as relieved as I thought I’d be. It’ll probably take a while for the adrenaline and stress to wear off. The other thing I’m realising is that this could be my last time in Sheffield. I’m not going to return for my graduation as I’ll probably be in Basel. After that it’ll only be social visits and that won’t be for a while. To be perfectly honest I’m happy to see the back of Richard and Mike!! But seriously, Sheffield isn’t the easiest place to get to as you can’t fly direct from any major airport (although a new airport has opened in Doncaster just down the road). So, in that respect I’m a little sad.

I’d like to thank Richard and Gin for putting up with me over the last few days. Having me landing down to your house with a days notice during your holidays was not ideal but thanks anyway. Thanks also for teaching me the art of killing spotty teenagers online with an assault rifle and some startegically placed C4 (I’ve been jibbed!!! Where is he…). You never know when it could come in handy in real life!!

I’m off to catch a train back to Dundee. And then its back to getting everything else organised! Life goes on…



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