We’ll get you home…

My faith has been restored,

After my dealings with the numpty at S10 sports centre over the weekend I was disillusioned with the whole customer service industry! That however changed yesterday. I had a bit of a mare getting home on the trains last night. I got to the station to hear my train was delayed by 40 minutes. This would have meant missing my connection and not getting home. So I jumped on a train direct to Edinburgh hoping to get a connection to Dundee. This train was delayed by only 20 minutes!

Somewhere outside of Leeds there was a bang and the conductor came on the PA to announce some little scummer/NED/chav (not his words!) had thrown something at the train. So he had to inspect the whole train before continuing. Anyway, I soon realised that I was going to miss the final connection back to Dundee. Despair loomed until the conductor, a small yet brilliant man called Ken came along.

Ken said that if we didn’t get in on time, Virgin (who I was travelling with) would pay for a taxi home, straight to my door. And so it passed, Ken and I jumped in a taxi, he got out at Inverkeithing and I got dropped off on my doorstep. Even though legally I think train companies have to get you home it was great service. The taxi was waiting when we got off the train. I felt like a semi-celebrity being whisked from the train to the waiting car to be taken home. Onward Jeeves!

The taxi driver was fantastic. He told me what had to be the funniest story I’ve heard in a long time. This was in a strong Scottish accent:

Driver: Went to the vet to get my dog vaccinated the other day and you know what the vet told me?
Me: No, what was the story?
Driver: He said the dog is in great health but he’s only got one testicle? One testicle! My dog’s been lob-sided for eight years, he’s getting on ya know and only now they’ve deiscovered he’s missing one!
Me: (laughing) That’s terrible, did you do anything about it?
Driver: Anything about it? The vet said he’d have to find it. It could go cancerous he said. So I asked him if he had another testicle, was it possible he was born with only one. He said it might be but its still worth having a look. But get this, he said it’d cost £140!!
Me: You’d want to find one for that money!
Driver: Too bloody right. So I said to him, you want me to spend £140 so you can cut up my dog looking for a testicle he hasn’t missed in eight years? You must be joking.

I was splitting my sides laughing. So all in all a good trip home! Its good to be back in Dundee and looking forward to the trip to Norfolk this weekend. More about that later…



One response to “We’ll get you home…

  1. Whats a numpty and wherer were you killing spotting teenagers with C4? online game?

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