Its been a while…

And so much has happened,

I posted just before setting off to Norfolk for Will and Sarah’s wedding. The trip took about eight hours in the car. Eva, Mairead and myself shared the driving. We stopped at Jamie’s house for the night and were treated to a pint at the local pub and dinner (an amazing chicken casserole with wild rice) cooked by his mum Jo, thanks Jo for everything!

The next morning (Friday) we headed over to Will’s place and met up with everyone. What followed was a very satisfying day of helping round the house to get everything in tip top shape, with many breaks for lemonade and pork pies!! That night we were treated to a huge thunder and lightening storm complete with a nearby tree being hit and bursting into flames. No expense spared at this wedding!!

Back to Jamies house for the night and on Saturday headed over early to Wills to help with last minute things. I was promoted to official “cinematographer” for the afternoon and hopefully got some good footage of the ceremony and the party afterwards. The bride and groom left after the ceremony in a holly covered landrover back for the reception!

We had a huge meal in the marquee at the back of the house complete with hog roast and homemade salads and desserts! Fantastic stuff. This was followed by a very entertaining juggling act from a few of Wills friends culminating in the brave man juggling four ice axes!! The night finished with a ceilidh the likes of which have never and will never be seen again! Everyone collapsed into their tents and slept off the excesses!

To be continued..!



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