Globetrotting across the universe…

Where was I?

On the Sunday morning after the wedding Eva left early, with Fiona to go to Japan for a conference. I helped tidy up after the wedding and then set off back to Dundee with Mairead and Cheryl. We stopped into Jamie’s again for a magnificent roast beef lunch en route!

Got back late and slept in on Monday. Picked up a kilt (modern hunting stewart tartan) I’d rented for my cousins wedding, emptied my bag and re-packed it and had an early night. The next day got a flight over to Dublin and made it home that night to Castleblayney. Wednesday night we had a great BBQ at home, Kathleen and Carmen came up from Dublin, our neighbours Tony, Sally and Barry arrived over and we had a feast of steaks, veggie bakes, raspberry meringues and wine! Great stuff.

Thursday morning we headed to Kingscourt for Bernies wedding. It was a formal affair and my kilt got the expected reaction! Apart from the guying piping them into the hotel I was the only other “skirt wearing” guy there. It was a great laugh, a very nice ceremony and some entertaining speeches after the dinner (more steak!). Unfortunately had to leave early and got to Dublin around midnight. Stayed in a hotel with Mum, Dad and Andrew who then left on Friday morning to fly to Washington. I headed into Dublin and spent the next few days meeting people, having a few pints and recovering!

A fantastic few weeks but glad of a breather for a day or two before it starts all over again. Off to Ireland in under two weeks and Switzerland is only four weeks away now. No rest for the wicked!



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