Old photos…

Jimjo Hughes,

He’s the man! At Bernies wedding I was able to do a bit of research into Dads side of the family. I have to admit his side has suffered a little due to the amount of information I got on Mums family. But I’ve decided to address the balance and Jimjo Hughes (my fathers second cousin) is a man who knows it all. I managed to squeeze a notepad and pen into my sporran at the wedding and after the meal went to have a chat.

Based on his info I was able to find his family in the National Archives and get the census records (1901 and 1911) for his house. His father, James Hughes (fourth row down) is listed here in the 1901 record, aged 10.

This will hopefully let me fill out that branch of the family a little better. Along with that I got some fantastic old family photos from Dad. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Jerry and Mary allowed me to take and copy some photos they have of my grandfather and his borthers. Here’s an example, a brilliant photo of “Uncle Billy”, my Mums uncle who lived most of his life in the States.

The research goes on! Its true what they say about this, there really is no end!



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