Back to basics…

I digress,

I’ve realised over the last few posts I’ve failed to mention anything about Switzerland! This blog was meant to document my preparations for the move, instead I’ve been boring you with tales of weddings and BBQs and such like. So back to basics and more importantly Switzerland.

I’ve been keeping up with the streamlining, dropping things into the charity shops on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to read the books I’ve had for a long time so that I can then get rid of them. Recently its been the Ross O’Carroll Kelly books! Fantastic books (roysh, like totally!) detailing the social life of a Dublin southsider. Well worth a read if you’re familiar with Dublin 4 stereotypes. If not then you might be a little confused! Heres an example of when he heads to the northside:

“She lives in a gaff up in Christchurch, this bird, and with no Jo Maxis around, it involves trekking through focking Calcutta to get there. As we’re walking, we’re, like, looking at all the poverty and the dirt and the deprivation and she turns around to me, roysh, and goes, “It’s when you see this that you realise that Dublin really is two cities, ” and I’m like, “Yeah? Thank fock I live in the other one then.”

Also finishing off some Ian Rankin books. My wardrobe has taken a bit of a battering, replacing very old stuff or just getting rid of them completely!

My accommodation has been finalised in Switzerland. Initially I’ll be living around the corner from work. It seems to be a hostel/student accommodation style place where I can stay for up to a year. This suits fine, I can move over and look for a place of my own. I’ve also booked my one way flight!! Very scary and unusual to think there’s no return! I fly on the 29th of August from Edinburgh via Heathrow to Basel. I plan to use the full baggage allowance (23kg) to see how much I can fit in!

Between now and then I have to sort out some loose ends with banks and stuff. Also we have a trip to Ireland on the 12th to see Ed and Flick. Should be interesting! Anyway, back to posting nonsense tomorrow.



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