Roysh, like totally…

You couldn’t make it up!

After plugging Ross yesterday in my post I did a quick Google search for his favourite word “roysh”! Up popped this website called Overheard in Dublin. Fantastic stuff. Here’s just a small example:

I was sitting on a train at Heuston station, reading the paper. A D4 hopped on and sat opposite me. I happened to be reading about the bombings in the middle east, so i just commented to the girl “Jesus, this whole Lebanon thing is out of control” which she replied. “I don’t really listen to his music that much”

After much confusion I suddenly realised she was confusing Lebanon with Lennon….It was torture trying not to burst out laughing!

Overheard by Brian, Heuston station
Posted on Monday, 31st July 2006

This is a prime example of the world Ross lives in and why its so funny to read about it. Its what I loved about living in Dublin and being back for a few days. I couldn’t help but laugh overhearing some of the “howiyas” and “D4ers”.



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