So much rubbish…

Where did it all come from?

I’ve always been paranoid about keeping receipts, guarantees, statements, letters…blah de blah blah. Which means I have “a few folders” containing all sorts of things pertaining to all aspects of my life. Needless to say this was a nightmare to move from Sheffield up to Dundee, considering most of it is crap but I was too lazy to sort it out then. So I decided to tackle this mountain in a fit of boundless energy and enthuasiasm.

Half an hour in I had lost the will to live. Why do I and people in general (I think?) collect such garbage?? And in such quantities! I may have only been at it for half an hour but managed to cull 3.8kgs of paper! Thats a hell of a lot of stuff. So I feel good about lightening the load a little and filling the recycling bin!

When I moved from Sheffield I used a company to courier some stuff up. I went down to their Dundee branch and got a quote for shipping things to Basel. It’ll cost roughly £100 for 30kgs. Therefore I’ve saved £10 this morning more or less! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! From now on my life will be measured in kgs and dimensions as all this has to fit in certain volume as well! Get out the scales and measuring tape, Switzerland here I come!



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