I’m back hahahaha…

You read it right,

I’m back and more importantly Eva’s back as well! She got in from Japan yesterday and thanks to Andy who was going to pick Fiona up, I got to meet Eva at the airport. So its all good and now we’ve got a quiet week before heading off to Ireland on Saturday.

Now for a big admission. This isn’t easy to write about but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I have drifted into “nerdiness”. Okay, I’ve always had a penchant for Apple computers and I enjoy reading the odd Batman comic (or graphic novel as I prefer to call them!), but I always maintained I was on the right side of the line. This line has now been well and truly stepped over. I went into the Games Workshop for a painting lesson.

For those not in the know the games are strategy tabletop games involving lots of models and dictated by dice rolling. Even describing it I’m cringing but I’ve had a few games and have really enjoyed it. One big aspect of the games is painting the models and I went in on Saturday morning to give it a go. This is what they should look like:

Once I’m finished mine I’ll let you see! Saturday was also spent sorting out my mortgage in Sheffield. Thats all now taken care of. Also sent off some passport photos to Switzerland for the employment agency. The wheels are still turning…just!

Good luck to Sheffield United tonight in a season warm-up game against Staines Town!



2 responses to “I’m back hahahaha…

  1. Barry Barry Barry. I’m loosing all hope in you. Even before I read the post I knew it wasn’t good news when I seen that picture.

  2. Finishing my Ph.D. soon too. I’ve also been looking for a post-doc position in Basel or other swiss cities. Looking foward for details of Basel life.
    One more thing and hope I’m not too foward: what’s the salary range of a post-doc over there? Here (Chicago, US)ranges $35-38,000, and whats left after taxes? (ohhh and rent prices too?) Thnx.

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