A soft eight iron…


Dave got in touch last night about going for a round of golf this morning! I’ve played maybe twice or three times in the last few years but decided to have a go and let loose up in Camperdown course. So we hit off this morning at nine and had a great round. He went straight into the lead and despite a brief spell in front for me, he finished it off in style with a par (not just a “Dave par”!) on the 17th. The 18th was just a formality!

The other exciting news (for nerds, what like I am) is the release of Apple’s new Pro computers. All shiny and new and fast and cool! The new operating system was previewed also and looks fantastic. I think I’m going to wait for its release before buying a new laptop. That also gives me a bit of time to save money!

Apart from that we’re getting ready for the trip to Baltimore. Eva is feeling ill after the trip back from Japan so we’ve cancelled our dinner at Mick and Alison’s tonight. A shame but it’ll be worth it if Eva can recover for the weekend. Fingers crossed.

We leave at 5 on Saturday morning. Not looking forward to that but it means we’ll be in Belfast by 11. Then down home to Blayney for a spot of lunch at 12.30. Larry is heading onto Wexford and Eva and I are staying until Monday morning when we drive down to Baltimore. After the golf this morning I’m quite Roy (Roy Keane=keen; a Ross joke) to take some clubs down and see if we can sneak a game in! I’ve even found some gluten free beer for Eddy to drink! Can’t wait,



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