The perfect cure…


I tried to implement the favourite/fail safe cure for a cold or any illness I have encountered so far last night. Eva is still feeling unwell, coughing and generally feeling lousy. The barrage of herbal and pharamaceutical remedies have failed to improve the symptoms. Here follows the five easy steps of the “failsafe” cure:

1) Buy chocolate and make tea for the patient.
2) Rent DVD (in this case a rom-com. If patient is male, anything with a car chase will do.).
3) Buy more junk food.
4) Watch movie curled up on the couch with junk food (note: this step should only be carried out with your partner. Unknown patients may not take kindly to this type of interaction).
5) Clear up and cook dinner (or at least help in my case!).

Confident in this well established strategy I went to bed with high hopes for today and Eva being back to her normal cheery self. However things are still a little shaky although the situation has improved. My strategy will have to be refined and revised. But I’m willing to take one for the team and buy more junk food and rent more DVDs in the hopes that recovery will be swift. The things I do! I’ll report back tomorrow on the patients progress.

As an aside, Sheffield United hammered the mighty Staines Town two nil and now face Matlock in their next warm up match. Come on the Blades!



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