Some photos…

At last!

I’ve been meaning to get some photos on the blog of my recent adventures and trips. First up is Wills stag do.

The morning was taken up with quad-biking and after recovering from that we had a leisurely pint and stovie for lunch at the Taybank hotel. It also gave Iain ample time to purchase some quality make-up and apply it to the stag. Its important to look good on your stag do.

Once the stag was looking up to scratch and the pint and stovie had been demolished we headed into the local forest with ropes and kit to re-visit our childhood. The rope swing was successful, however the zip line proved more complicated. After an hour and a half of tensioning over fifty metres of rope, George stepped up and hooked himself onto the rope. And then proceeded to go nowhere! We hadn’t calculated on the friction!

Once we’d had enough of the swinging and the trees we headed back and set up base camp. An ideal spot was chosen beside a secluded lake but within walking distance of the pub! Perfect conditions for camping and a night of drinking ahead.

We settled into the Taybank hotel and managed to bag a table close to the bar. Several pints of Guinness and Ossians later and the music took hold! Jamie did a great job getting the party going, Will joined in with the spoons and a regular found a guitar to complete the trio! Great fun and games during the session.

That night is a blur for many reasons. The first is obviously the amount of drink consumed. The second is due to the heavy rain we encountered when we left the pub and endured for the rest of the night! The third is due to the smoke from the inferno we had as our “camp fire”! The next morning was not pretty either with the evidence clear for all to see! Fantastic weekend and importantly we had more fun than the Hen-do had. Another victory for the guys!



5 responses to “Some photos…

  1. Camping in the rain? You’re going to love Switzerland!

  2. Don’t listen to TBF. Summers are not always that bad here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh, and thanks for putting my blog up on your blogroll

  4. Most people from the U.K. think that the summers in Basel are great when compared to the summers in the U.K.
    I grew up in Chicago. Although the summers in Basel, in my opinion don’t totally suck (I agree with CS), they are definitely not as sunny as the summers in Chicago.
    Today’s weather in Basel? cloudy, drizzly, 18หš
    It’s the middle of August for god’s sake!

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