Sports crazy…


As well as wanting to get back to playing more golf I’m also keen to get back to squash and basketball if possible once I move to Basel. So I did a bit of “googling” to see what was available over there. Fantastic facilities and even better, there are some brilliant sporting events coming up in Basel.

The first I noticed was the Davidoff indoor tennis championships! They’re on in October and there are tickets still available for the early rounds. I’m quite keen to go and have a look.

The big one however is the 2008 European football championships. They’re being held in Austria and Switzerland. The ground for FC Basel, the local football team is going to be used as a venue for the championships! Brilliant! The qualifying rounds start in five days (the 16th August).

Now all thats left is for Ireland to qualify! No problem! They play Germany, Cyprus, Wales, San Marino, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in qualifying. Thats a tough group but as always I live in hope that they’ll pull it off. Come on the boys!

Speaking of Ireland, we’re off to Baltimore tomorrow. Early start in the morning (5am) but can’t wait for it to get going. Thankfully we’re going by ferry and should miss all the disruptions at the airports.



One response to “Sports crazy…

  1. So, when’s the big move to Basel? Soon?

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