Fink me God damnit…

I’m back,

Barely. Had a great week in the south of Ireland. We got the ferry over and spent Saturday and Sunday at home. On Monday we headed off down to my friends home in Roches Point, Co. Cork. Its a stunning village with a lighthouse at the end of the street overlooking Cork Harbour. Claire’s parents have an amazing home there and they put Eva, Dave, Mary and myself up for the night.

(Not my picture by the way!)

The next morning I went to visit my Mum’s second cousin on a fact finding mission for the family tree. Met up with the guys in Midleton, a town nearby and we made our way over to Baltimore. Ed and Flick (over from Australia and the reason for this whole trip!) were at the house when we arrived. The house was fantastic, very big and had all the mod cons. We were in No.50 which slept the nine of us but you could have squeezed a few more in!

The view was of a small harbour where there were a few sailing and fishing boats moored. Very idyllic and relaxing.

We settled in, the beers were cracked out and we all caught up with Eddy and Flick. This is where the title for this post derives from. Fran, in his wisdom, decided we had to get this new beer he had sampled from Lidl. Its called “Fink Brau” (have a look at this blog entry, or check out this one and you’ll understand!) and coming in at 24 bottles for 10 euro, there was no arguing. However, Dave and Fran agreed we would need a lot of Fink Brau, “they’re only in little bottles” and so went back for two more crates making a total of six crates.

What wasn’t calculated into the equation was the fact that Eddy is on medication at the mo and so wouldn’t be drinking (a good soldier lost to the cause!), Larry had a dodgy Mr. Whippy on his way to Baltimore and was spending most of the week on the jacks (bring on the Imodium) and Fran is a girl when it comes to drinking. Therefore “yours truly” and Dave took one for the team and ploughed into the “auld Fink”! I came out of it unscathed but Dave ended up throwing up on the road outside Skibereen I think! Thats a story for another day!



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