You’re so fecking agressive…

Back to Cork,

So the first night was spent exploring Baltimore and having a few pints in the local pub. The girls then cooked an amazing meal with two types of risotto, salad, garlic bread and plenty of Fink (see the previous post)! We had a leisurely morning on Wednesday and a huge cooked breakfast put together by Fran, Dave and myself. After much cajoling the girls were persuaded to go for a round of pitch and put over in Rosscarbery (a neighbouring town). We had a great laugh and soaked up the sun.

The girls headed off to get tea or something and the lads baled into the car and headed back to Baltimore via the coast road. On the way back we stopped for a dip in the ocean. Scrambling over the rocks, Eddy, Dave and myself plunged into the “refreshing” water. Fran, the woman (notice a recurring theme here?), had to be pushed in by Larry after a load of complaining (“you’re so aggressive, McManus”) and whinging from the side! We flapped about for a bit and then made a hasty retreat back to the car to thaw out.

That night we went for a spectacular meal in a local restaurant called The Customs House. I had a smoked tuna salad to start, a fantastic New York strip steak (cooked medium with blue cheese and three aspargus spears) for main course and a chocolate tart with red chilli ice cream for dessert. All washed down with a Chilian Merlot red wine (they didn’t serve Fink!). I didn’t want it to end and I can thoroughly recommend it if you ever find yourself in Baltimore.

Thursday was spent having a round of golf with Dave at the Skibereen and West Carbery golf course. I went into the second nine three holes up but managed to throw it away and ended up losing by two. But had a great round, enjoyed the scenery and the challenge of a new course. Ed, Fran and Larry spent the day deep sea fishing and returned with some cod, pollock and ling for their efforts. The ladies went shopping and had tea, again! That night we had a great BBQ with the freshly caught fish, some top notch burgers (I managed to eat three) and sausages. We also had a couple of Fink to celebrate!

I’ll finish the story tomorrow but more importantly its now a week to go before the move. I managed to get some big cardboard boxes yesterday and plan to start packing today. Should be interesting. Everything needs to be weighed and catalogued for the customs. 16 pairs of socks, one toothbrush, one Marvin the Martian figurine etc etc.



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