New people and goodbyes…


Just a quick aside. This world wide web thing is amazing. My Mum has a quite rare maiden name which has helped a lot with researching the family tree. I realised yesterday that I haven’t searched the blogs with her name to see if anyone turned up. My first cousin in Dublin was listed along with one other guy in the States. But he hadn’t posted since the start of the year. Luckily he had included his email address and so I got in touch, wondering if he was related. Low and behold his Mum emails back. She’s been researching her husbands family and they originate in the same village in Limerick as my Mum’s family are from. BINGO!. So I’m hoping we can start figuring out some more of the tree. Its so exciting and so addictive!

Anyway, where was I? Friday in Baltimore (see the last two posts) was spent cleaning up and packing. We all set off for Eds house for a party in Co. Tipperary (about a three to four hour drive). Somewhere along the way Dave felt ill and had to relieve himself on the road across from a playing field somewhere! One Fink (or sausage) too many I think! Anyway, we all made it in one piece and had a great nights fun. Eds Mum had enough food to feed a small nation and enough beer to sink a battle ship. We sat up chatting till four in the morning about such crucial issues as

1: The difference between a flat and an apartment (the discussion went something like this!
2: How crap the new Miami Vice film is
3: The advantages of Coors over Fink

Saturday was a day of goodbyes and the long trip up home for a night of over eating and a visit to the neighbours which was great. Sunday we headed to Belfast and the ferry, getting back into Dundee around seven in the evening. Overall one of the best weeks in a long time and great to catch up with Ed and Flick again.

Preparations for Switzerland continue. Got great advice and websites from a fellow blogger about moving across to Basel. I weighed a load of my stuff last night and now have to figure out how to split it between the two boxes. My residency permit was faxed over. I went to the bank and cancelled a few things and got my account sorted out. I split open a money box I had for a long time. It was one that had to be broken to get into it!! Ended up with £34 in loose change!

This is what the money box looked like:

This is what happens when you take a hammer to it:

Watch the video here!

And this is the deep and meaningful message contained within:

I hope you can figure it out!



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