Busy, busy, busy…


Yesterday and today have seen the preparations for Switzerland step up a gear. Less than a week to go and nothing done! Time to get the finger out. Anyway, because of the hectic schedule I thought I’d post a few bits and pieces and leave the update until the weekend when I’ll hopefully have a little more time.

First up is to have a look at my brothers new blog. While in Chicago he seems to have treated himself to iWeb and a .MAC account and put together a very nice new shiny homepage and blog. Worth a look.

Next up is the music session I went to last night. Have a look at the new “Acoustic Ecosse” website. The musicians from the usual trad session in the Fishermans relocated to a hotel in Carnoustie and produced a great session of music. David Adam (the guy who tried to teach me tin whistle!), a brilliant whistler and piper turned up for the session and helped drive things along. This is what I’m going to miss about Scotland. The live music is fantastic.

Last, but in no ways least a brilliant photo sent to me by Larry. You’ll recall from a previous post that Ed, Fran, Dave and myself went for a little dip in the Atlantic off the coast of Co. Cork not so long ago. Larry got photos of us as we emerged from the sea and started to thaw out. However he has expertly combined two photos into one to get all of us in a line. I have been cut and pasted into second place! I’m happy with that!

Its entitled: Evolution of the species!

From left to right: Ed, yours truly, Fran and Dave.


Ps. Congrats to my cousin Keith and his partner Alicia on their new baby son James!


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