Slip into some leathers…


I’m recovering today, slightly hanging but have just come back from the best hangover cure ever. A little more about that later. First up is last nights dinner! The plan was to have everyone round for a final get together and to try out a new recipe I found for roast chicken!! Happy days.

So everyone arrived at 7.30pm. The chickens (two cos they were small!) were in the oven since 7.15pm. The recipe said they would take an hour in the oven. Therefore the chicken was scheduled for 8.15pm. Plenty of time for people to have a glass of wine and starters. So I engaged in chat and small talk which revealed two amazing facts. First, Mary couldn’t believe that Worchestershire is actually a place and not just a sauce. Then Kathryn, in a moment of clarity, revealed she only recently figured out why teenagers are called “teenagers”?!?! We took a few seconds to recover!

The moment of truth arrived with the timer announcing the triumphant completion of the roast chicken…only to find the legs were still uncooked? I blamed and cursed the recipe (and Anthony Worrall Thompson who came up with it), the oven, the phase of the moon and chickens in general. Bunged them back in the oven and thirty to forty minutes later they were eventually ready. At this stage we were all half cut with the auld “vin rouge” and arguing about how many syllables are in the title of the Nicholas Cage movie “Adaptation”. After we had remembered which film it was. The less said the better.

The dinner was well received when we got it together and was then eclipsed by Eva’s dessert which was top notch. While pirating some music from Jamie (thanks by the way!) Kathryn, Sheryl, Dave, Mary and Larry started playing round with Eva’s new laptop. In particular the built in camera and an application called “Photo Booth” that lets you apply effects to the pictures. Here are the results.

This is Larry. Words fail me!

I’d like to introduce Dave and move on swiftly…!

Now the ladies. This is Sheryl believe it or not!

Next up is Kathryn.

And finally, always keep the best till last! This is Mary, the No.1 weapon in the fight against Daddy long legs everywhere.

Anyhoo, back to today. I felt a little fuzzy this morning after my few bottles of Miller and the one or two “digestifs” after the meal. Will, as a going away present offered to take me on a trip over to Fife on his motorbike. I have always wanted to see what all the fuss is about motorbikes. So I whipped on the leathers (easy Tiger!) and clung on for dear life as we set off. The acceleration and leaning into corners were scary but fantastic sensations. I’m still buzzing.

I want a bike! A big fast one. Thats red. Cool!



3 responses to “Slip into some leathers…

  1. Hey! You’re almost here!
    Let me know when you’re settled in, and we’ll have you over for a drink or two..or three or more…
    We’ll be back from Italy a little before the middle September…

  2. phenterminehealth insurancedebt consolidationhome equity loans Nice comment.. I ll come back for sure :]

  3. I’ve only just got around to reading and seeing the pics of your leaving banquet; very amusing.

    I’m afraid that us mere mortals can only aspire to be the owner of half the blog that you have set up…wow…impressed!!!

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