The longest day…


This is it. I hate waiting. Especially when its waiting to leave. But this is my last day in Scotland for some time. My “sabbatical” has ended and tomorrow I get up very early to get the train to Edinburgh. Then I fly to Basel via Heathrow. Its very strange and it still hasn’t dawned on me yet? I think I’ll have to be in Basel more than two weeks to realise its not a holiday!!

I’ve had a fantastic final weekend here in Dundee. The party on Friday night was brilliant fun even though the chickens took their time (I’m still bitter!). Saturday started with a bang when Will called over with his bike. I think this warrants a better write up since I only gave it a paragraph on my previous post.

Will called over with a helmet and leather jacket for me and gave me a few helpful hints before jumping on the back of the bike. We set off easy at first to get the feel of it and headed over the Tay road bridge to Fife. Being on the bike was amazing, I loved the feeling that (if you really wanted to!) you could just reach out and touch things. You aren’t confined to the inside a car for example.

When we came off the round-about at the end of the bridge Will waited for a break in the traffic and shouted back to me “ready?”. What happened next was fantastic. He opened up the throttle and we went from nothing to very fast in a very short space of time! The road goes along the coast and the weather and everything was perfect. I got the feeling of being pushed back by the wind and having to cling on! Magic! Thanks Will!

Yesterday was another great day. Eva and I got up early and did some box packing. We then set off for a fancy lunch to celebrate the move. I had planned this for some time (but kept it a secret!) after reading a review of a really good restaurant up the coast in a town called Inverkeilor. Gordons Retaurant is a small yet perfectly formed restaurant and hotel that served a fantastic lunch! But as Eva didn’t know where we were going I wound her up a little as we passed a McDonalds and KFC on the way! I would thoroughly recommend Gordons if you ever find yourself in Angus.

After our brilliant lunch (check out the The Golden Shrimp for a full review soon!) we drove to Lunan bay and went for a walk on the beach.

We got back home, finished the packing and watched “A Beautiful Mind” on DVD with a glass of red wine. The flat is different now with all my “stuff” gone and its strange to think I mightn’t see it again after tomorrow. Therefore I took a picture of the main feature as a reminder. Our electric bar heater!

So thats it. Another chapter finished and tomorrow I have to start again! Anxious, yet very excited. I guess the next post will be from Basel!!



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  1. Hope all goes well for your trip today Barry!!

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