Please sign here…and here…and here…


So its happened (cue the trumpets, the fireworks, the national holiday, the huge collective sigh of relief in Scotland…). I think I’m going to have to change the reason behind this blog now cos the move is over with and life in Basel has begun! I have arrived!

This is work. Where its all going to happen! And where I’m living at the moment!

I deliberately took my time about posting my first thoughts from Switzerland to let it sink in a little! So here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. Coca cola tastes different here.
2. Kinder Bueno doesn’t.
3. The international telephone code for Switzerland is 0041.
4. All foreign Irish pubs are the same (I knew this anyway).
5. Lynx deodorant is called Axe here.

The first photo I took in Basel. I hope its not an omen!

So ends this public information broadcast! Now that I’ve educated you a little in Swiss life I’ll move onto the gory details of the move. The flights over were fine even including the 45 minutes going through security at Edinburgh airport. Last night Nicole (Papa?), a technician in the lab took me out for dinner at Mister Wongs and a pint in the local Irish Pub. I think she was afraid I’d be homesick. After 5 hours? But had a great time and got up to speed on lab politics (very important) and Basel life.

I spent today signing things. I have now registered my computer and myself with the University. I’ve set up a bank account and signed everything to do with a salary, pension, taxes and insurance (boring, yawn, yawn). My first observation on Swiss life, or maybe just University life, is that everything official has to be stamped by someone. A signature isn’t good enough? One to remember.

So overall a productive day and I’m off to try another restaurant this evening. They have a few here called McDonalds? Might have to try them out for a change!



2 responses to “Please sign here…and here…and here…

  1. Diagnostic Dave

    Welcome to Basel. I see you have found the Irish Pub and the Chinese already! Plus experiened the many “Anmeldungen” that are required when you arrive. Best tip for settling in is don’t make noise after 10.00pm (That includes peeing loudly if you are in a flat), and make sure you have all the insurances that you need – NVC at Picasso Platz is a good bet as they speak English. If you are thinking of renting a flat make sure you find out in advance the arrangemetns for using the washing machine. The first flat I stayed in I was allowed to use the washing machine once every two weeks! Best bet is to rent a flat that has it’s own washing machine.

  2. If you get really homesick for British products (Irn Bru?) there is a British store on Missionstrasse (150m from Spalentor) called Fenwicksfeinkosten. It is run by an English couple, they’re really nice.

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