Full steam ahead…

As I’m a scientist I deal with a lot of abbreviations in the line of work. This in itself is not very exciting (in fact its tedious and boring) but it does lead to me abbreviating things in everyday life. The last few days have been spent getting administrative things out of the way. I have now signed everything there is to sign and so tonight the first phase of BLIMP was implemented in military like fashion.

I have designed the Basel Lifestyle Integration Management Programme to ease myself into Basel and the culture here. While my BLIMP is a complicated and multi-faceted (big words!) strategm I have broken it down into manageable “Phases” to be completed in the near future!!

Thursday is late shopping day in Basel and I took the opportunity to plunge in at the deep end. I visited CO-OP city and the Migros in the same evening. I managed to survive the experience and BLIMP phase 1 to report back to you. CO-OP and Migros are like ASDA and Tesco at home. While perusing the multitude of products I couldn’t understand, I came across a sight that almost brought a tear to my eye. I found Smacks! I thought they only existed in the States because they are hard to find in the UK.

Food of the Gods. And this isn’t up for discussion!

Now I know Smacks won’t get everyone quite as excited as I am but this is my favourite breakfast cereal in the world. I don’t care if they haven’t come within a five mile radius of anything natural while being made. They are the “pups nuts” as far as morning meals are concerned. So all of a sudden I’m thinking; “settling in here isn’t going to be as hard as I thought, the BLIMP will have to be revised!”

Then it got even better. I went up to the counter with my Smacks and a bar of Swiss white chocolate (to be eaten separately, although…?). The guy at the counter scanned them through and I paid for them. He then asked me what I presume meant “Do you want the receipt?” I answered “Nein danke!” Even though it was probably said through an Irish/Dundonian/Yorkshire accent he seemed to understand! And he threw the receipt in the bin. BLIMP is now in disarray! Speaking German wasn’t planned until phase 3! This is going to be sooooo easy! Roll on Phase 4!


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