Home is where the heart is…

Phase two is complete!

Phase two of BLIMP went without incident this morning you’ll be glad to read. I have now moved from the temporary accomodation in the department into the hostel. This was arranged with the University before I arrived and the hostel mainly houses employees of the neighbouring hospital. I was aware that the hostel would be basic in its facilities and as its just for the short term I’m happy with staying there. But one thing made me laugh and to be perfectly honest, slightly shocked me about my studio apartment.

I spent some time before my move searching for apartments to rent in Basel to get a feel for the market and to see what’s available. Very quickly I realised the market is wide open here with plenty to choose from in various regions and price ranges. The thing that struck me however was the photos that came with each advertisement. Roughly 75% of the apartments I looked at had a photo of the bathroom included! Often this was the only photo attached? I surmised that Swiss people put bathrooms high up the list of rooms they want to see. Personally I’d rather see the bedroom, living room or kitchen as thats where I’d spend most of my time? Anyway, each to their own!

I now realise why photos of the bathrooms are included. To prove that your kitchen isn’t in the same room! This ladies and gentlemen is my combined bathroom and kitchen!

Back left is my shower, back right is the toilet door, front left is my sink/hob with the fridge underneath and front right are some storage cupboards and work surface.

Personally I’m not too worried but I thought there would be Helath and Saftey laws against this? I can understand a kitchen and bedroom together but not a kitchen/bathroom combo. I must say though, the design of the kitchen is quite clever and they manage to pack quite a lot into a very small space. Good design deserves credit in my opinion! The living room contains my bed, a desk, a set of drawers, a wardrobe and two large windows out onto the street below which is good.

My living room/bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are to the left of the picture. You can just see the corner of my bed to the left.

So, this weekend will be spent setting the place up, unpacking my bags, stocking the fridge and maybe fitting in a bit of sightseeing. Tonight Munster play in the Magners rugby league against Cardiff so going to Paddy Reillys to watch the game. Tomorrow Ireland play Germany in the Euro 2008 qualifiers and so might have to find myslef in the pub for that one too. Its not easy but someone over here has to support them! Although I get the feeling I may be outnumbered slightly. Have a good weekend and I’ll post again on Monday!


5 responses to “Home is where the heart is…

  1. is that your permanent lodgings? or just temporary?

  2. My God Barry!! I’ve heard crazy of such apartments in the past but I’ve never seen anything like that in my life!!!

    Good luck for tomorrow!!

  3. My sister had a bathroom in her dining room at her old house. Well, it wasn’t exactly IN the dining room, but the bathroom door was in the dining room (about 1.5 meters from the dining room table). It was strange, and not too different from your kitchen/bathroom situation.
    Hmmmm…my brother-in-law is from Dublin. Maybe the Irish attract strange in-home bathroom situations?

  4. Don’t forget to wash your hands!!!!! ha ha

  5. That is so funny, and I love the picture! Suddenly the fact that you enter my Dublin apartment just to see the master bedroom doesn’t seem so amusing in comparison. 😉

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