Eh, stall the ball a minute…

Last night (in Paddy Reillys) I took stock of my whole situation with the help of three pints of Guinness, a chilli burger and the Munster vs. Cardiff Magner League rugby game (Munster got a good hiding by the way). You’d never think I was in Basel! Anyway during this period of reflection and soul searching I came to realise a few very important things:

1. I’m in Switzerland. Call me daft (and a lot of people do) but the fact I’m actually here is going to take a wee while to sink in. I know its obvious, but sitting in an Irish pub and not understanding anyone on my side of the counter makes you realise something is wrong! This came to me after the first pint.

2. A bathroom in a kitchen, or vice versa depending on how you look at it, isn’t the end of the world. I can now see the advantages. I can grab breakfast on my way from the shower to the living room if I’m in a hurry. I can keep an eye on the saucepans as I sit on the toilet. In science its called parallel processing or multi-tasking I suppose! This was inspired by the second pint.

3. The third pint was unnecessary (as the rugby had finished and I was already feeling the effects) but by this stage I’d struck up conversation with two of the people behind the bar. The third “epiphany” struck as I overheard a Swiss guy asking for “two big ones of Guinness”. I realised that instead of laughing I should be sympathising. After all I’m the guy in his country who’s German stretches to what he heard in World War II movies (“schnell schnell!”) and German football teams (Bayern Munich for instance!). If I was anywhere but an Irish pub I’d be floundering.

Confucius say “Strong beer equals strong realisations and weak bladder control! I headed to the toilet and home!


One response to “Eh, stall the ball a minute…

  1. Waw, Barry, hope your Sunday hasn’t been too dull? Improving on the (Swiss) German?

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