Craic agus ceol agus hurling…?

Just stretching the old Gaeilge muscles there!

Back from watching the Cork vs. Kilkenny hurling All Ireland final. For the unitiated among you hurling is one of the most popular national sports played at home. For instance, there were 82,275 people attending the game in Dublin in the new Croke Park stadium. Thats a lot of fans! Hurling is similar to hockey in principle but a lot more violent!

So there were roughly twenty people in the pub cheering for Cork and two Kilkenny fans in the middle of them all. They were the ones making the most noise, contesting every decision and insulting the Cork supporters when they could draw breath. Various shouts of:

Put it up Donal, put it up for God’s sake! (after Donal scored a point!)

Thats it Pa, he’s no relative!! (after Patrick went in with a pretty heavy challenge!)

Pull hard boys pull hard! (when going in for a tackle!)

There’s plenty of room for it out there lads! (when Cork struck the ball wide!)

Very funny as the shouts were inspired by one of my favourite Irish comedy acts, “D’unbelievables” and a famous sketch they did. Kilkenny went on to win the game convincingly. This was greeted with the stripping off of Kilkenny jerseys and a quick lap of honour of the pub! Some money changed hands and there were more shouts of:

Keep me a pint lads, I’ll be home on Thursday!

Great game and good fun. Also managed to meet a few lads from Cork. So after the party last night and the game today I’m starting to make a few contacts. Will have to just keep the socialising up!


One response to “Craic agus ceol agus hurling…?

  1. I’d imagine the Kilkenny supporters were making more noise alright, their team were hungrier for the All-Ireland today. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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