Scouting mission…

I love Sundays. For me they’re probably the best day of the week. Saturdays, like yesterday, are often spent running round the place getting things sorted out. Today however, I plan to relax and catch up with everything. In Basel all the shops (bar the train station shops) stay closed on Sundays (due to strong labour unions and not religious reasons as I had presumed) which adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Yesterday I covered a lot of ground. Of course it never occurred to me to take photos until on my way back! You’ll just have to take my word for it! The one photo I did get was of “Barry’s Pizza” place.

Guess I know where I’m having lunch today! I wonder if I get a discount!

I had a list of things I needed to get that took me far and wide. I visited the English food shop that happens to be two minutes round the corner from my flat. While its good to see that everything is available it stings a little to see they cost three times as much as they would at home. For special occasions I think!. Although I’ve just found “The Brit Shop” website online! I walked to the main train station here that services Switzerland and France, the Bahnhof SBB. They have another equally enormous train station to take you to Germany and onwards. I picked up some timetables for various train routes and had a look around.

I then walked back into the centre of the city to the Barfusserplatz. I later learned this translates to “bare foot square” because there’s an old church on the corner and the monks would walk around bare footed (please correct me if I’m wrong Swiss bloggers!). Popped into an Apple computer store there to get a power adaptor for my laptop. Very important! Next was the Munster, a big cathedral on the banks of the river. Spent a little time there and then decided to get the river taxi across to the other bank. These boats are amazing, connected to a cable spanning the river, the river current pushes the boat across with the cable keeping it on course. Very pleasant and they cost about 50p. Stopped for a beer beside the Mittlere Brucke (the main bridge in Basel, their version of O’Connell bridge!!).

Last night I went to the birthday party of a fellow post-doc in the lab. Hans and his boyfriend Matisse both turned 30 in the last month and they had a great party at their place. They live in a converted warehouse close to the Novartis campus. While not a very good neighbourhood I can see why they went for it. Huge rooms with industrial style pipes running everywhere and very abstarct art on the walls. Very fancy and a great party. I managed to find a golf partner and running partner! I also got to talk to previous members of the lab and get their opinions on things. Also had to use the tram system for the first time which was a novelty in a way!

Last night they served “Tell” beer at the party. Very similar to the “Lager Hell” beer I had a few nights ago, I’m starting to wonder if all beers rhyme in Switzerland!!?? Reminded me of but was still much better than “Fink“!!

So today I’m off to watch the All Ireland Hurling Final in Reillys and I might wander round a little more. But my legs are a little heavy today!


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  1. Oeps, I should have put my name on the last comment, it’s Marieke (I managed! just using the right browser)

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