Play it again Sam…

About three weeks ago I bought a Sam Cooke album. I’d been meaning to get some of his recordings for quite a while. I think the next album after this will be a Kenny Rogers compilation. I know, I know…you’ll laugh and poke fun and stop reading the blog in protest but hear me out!!

As a kid I was subjected to five hour car journeys (“are we nearly there yet?, how many more towns?”) to see my granny in Co. Limerick in the south of Ireland. This was torture but my Gran ran the local shop in her village. When I arrived I was allowed behind the counter and could take any packet of sweets I wanted. You can only imagine the excitement!! I always went for Opal Fruits. I was simple that way, no walnut whips, curly wurlys or wham bars for me. Anyway I digress…

One famous trip down to Limerick we listened to the same Kenny Rogers album the whole way down! I still know every lyric of “The Gambler”, “Lucille” and “Coward of the County”! And so I feel my life is incomplete without some Kenny in my collection. So now back to what I want to talk about!

This morning I was reminded of the following Sam Cooke verse from “Wonderful world”:

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about science book
Don’t know much about the French I took

I’ve realised my science history, my biology, my science theory and my French in general are all rusty! Work started properly this morning and its good to read up on things again but with a different project in mind and to avoid the mistakes that were made in my PhD from the start. It’ll take a few days to get back to where I was at the end of my PhD but these are exciting times!

One thing is perplexing me however. I’ve come to accept my kitchen/bathroom combination (or the kitchroom) as I now call it. But I’ve noticed this ridged metal plate attached to the wall directly below the shower unit:

Any help would be greatly appeciated! I have come up with my own theories but they would require a pool of ravenous sharks circling below the shower and the pedal acting as a lever to open the trapdoor. You can see why I haven’t gone near it!! I need to cut down on the James Bond movies.

Ps. Have a look at Donal’s blog and his post about the hurling match! Brilliant.


4 responses to “Play it again Sam…

  1. ah yes. the infamous kenny rogers tape. he’s a lege! that metal thing looks like somewhere to put your foot up on if you want to do something to it, like clean it i suppose.

  2. Hi Barry!!

    Saw your profile on the English Forum and also had a look at your blog. I’m also new in Switzerland. I’m currently living in Lausanne as an English teacher and have been here for just one week. Finding life here pretty quiet outside of work so far. I know Lausanne’s a couple of hours away but if you fancy meeting up for a couple of pints and watching some live sport (not fussy what kind) either in Basel, Lausanne or a neutral destination, let me know. I have a travel pass so travelling’s no hassle for me. Will send you my email address.

    Hope to hear from you

    Eddie (from Sheffield)

  3. Sounds great Eddie,

    Looking forward to metting up at some stage and going for a lemonade!


  4. Oh Ruuuuuubbbbbyyyyy don’t take your love to town….

    Now you’ve done it Barry, I’ll be singing Kenny Rodgers all day, LOL!!


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