The time has just flown by…

A milestone is rapidly approaching. This is my 49th post (of complete rubbish) on the Swiss Job, which makes tomorrows post the 50th (spot the scientist!). I’m starting to get into the groove of things! I’m really enjoying this blogging business and feel I’m now in the “Blog Zone”! I’ve been trying to improve the site a little and get some interest generated in the site. I added a few new links. You will have noticed I have registered with a few Blog Directories and have added some code to show you what pages have linked to the Swiss Job.

This is a nice indicator of who’s been looking in and also throws up some interesting results!! For example I’m currently linked to a page in Google Finance about Swiss Life Holdings who deal in pensions? Don’t ask me, I didn’t put the link there? I’m also listed on a Swiss Blog directory and a site about Swiss hotels which makes sense! So, slowly but surely I plan to increase the Blogging world’s knowledge of my existence! Feel free to link to the Swiss Job if you have your own blog etc…

So for the birthday tomorrow I have very big plans. The dancing girls are warming up as we speak, the brass band are tuned and the fireworks primed. Its going to be a big one!! In fact, it’s going to be the event of the year. I would go so far as to say they planned the Ryder Cup to happen two weeks later to avoid any competition with this momentous event. Same goes for the Mac Expo. I would even hazard a guess that Oktoberfest and the final night of the BBC proms were also kept back in case they diverted attention away from the 50th post.

I’m so excited, I better come up with something good…


One response to “The time has just flown by…

  1. Hi Barry!!

    Congratulations on the big 5-0. That’s pretty impressive. I have my own blog which is ever so slightly neglected at the moment. I must update on my new start in Switz too.

    Will take you up on that offer of a wee lemonade sometime in the next few weeks. Next 2 weekends a bit tricky – off to Germany and probably England, but I’ll be more or less free after then. Keep in touch. Will send you my email.

    Get your thinking cap on for tomorrow’s entry!!!


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