Ooooops…did I say 50..?


I’m a scientist and a good deal of what I do during my working day involves calculations. Dilutions, molarity, molecular weights, volumes and times, I can do them all. I can’t however count the number of posts on my blog! So ladies and gentlemen, this is the 49th post! Not the 50th as I had led you to believe. The dancing girls have cooled down and are not happy. The fireworks have short circuited and the champagne is back at room temperature. Bugger. On the bright side I have another day to come up with something!!

However I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!! Everyone has their favorite cartoon from when they were a kid. I know some of you will have been big Jetsons fans, maybe a few rooting for Fred and Wilma in the Flintstones or for the slightly younger amongst us, the camp adventures of He-Man and Battle Cat.

The Dangermouse logo

My absolute favourite was Dangermouse. Together with his gormless sidekick Penfold, he was a secret agent for the British governement battling the nefarious Baron Greenback. He had a car that when you pressed a button, wings popped out and it took off! Sheer bliss for little boys!

“This is Penfold. Codename: The Jigsaw, because when faced with a problem he falls to pieces” Brilliant!

And the BBC have announced that they’re going to repeat the series. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get them online. Otherwise I might just have to bite the bullet and buy the box set!

As far as life in Switzerland is concerned it drastically improved today as I got a part of my wages up front. After paying my rent I now have a little more money to survive on! Its nice to be getting paid again! I also sorted out my online banking and health insurance! Rock and roll baby, yeah!

So until tomorrow…the 50th post…I think?


2 responses to “Ooooops…did I say 50..?

  1. Thanks for the love and support borther! Always there with a shoulder to lean on! Gimp.

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