Back to basics…

Back to some proper blogging now after the frivolities of the last few posts. I think the excitement of the move and the 50th post got to me a little. So I’m determined to get back to the bare bones of this blog and bring an Irishman’s perspective of Swiss life to you.

Today its all about “design”. A broad category and one I’ll visit a lot but I thought I’d give my initial thoughts! Basel holds various global Art and Trade fairs every year to do with design. But it isn’t just the latest painting or fanciest watch I’m talking about. In everyday life the Swiss also have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The first thing I love is the light switch that has a light in it! Simple yet very effective I’ve found these switches in work and at the hostel. In the dark they glow red, probably with a small LED inside, so you can find them! Why haven’t these switches taken over the world?

A security lock and light switch at work. The little glowing red light reminds me of HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey!

The next thing is in the lab. As our lab is split into three connecting rooms there are plenty of doors in between. But the door panels are blackboards so messages can be left and stupid pictures can be drawn! Again, simple, space saving and effective. You don’t have to use precious wall sapce for white/black boards.

Our order list in the lab on the back of the door!

Another example was last night at a restaurant. They had shelf brackets that doubled as coat hangers! The brackets had coat hooks coming out of both sides that allowed you to hang the coats underneath and put your bags on the shelf. Very neat!There are plenty more examples but I think the Swiss have their heads screwed on as far as making life a little easier.

The ultimate example of this design is the one way mirrored public toilet. This is the coolest thing I’ve possibly ever seen. It’s in the middle of a public square here in Basel. Talk about stage fright…

The exterior and interior of the mirrored “bog”! The potential for disaster is huge!


One response to “Back to basics…

  1. Where on Earth is that loo?? I’ve never seen it!!

    Have you been to Bar Rouge yet (the view over Basel is awesome)?

    Bar Rouge is on the top floor of the Messeturm (the big tower at Messeplatz) the toilets in there look down onto Messeplatz and between the cubicles there is only frosted glass (not very nice seeing the outline of the person next to you on the thrown), very disconcerting in the evening when you are on the loo and light up like a Christmas tree.

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