Go on the Munster…

The fourth pint was uncalled for.

However, it allowed me to watch Munster beat the Border Reivers (if anyone can tell me what a Reiver is I’d appreciate it?!?) 9 points to 8. I also got to watch Ulster stuff the Gwent Dragons and Manchester United beat Spurs one goal to nil. Watching sport in the pub is not easy, my multi-tasking skills were pushed to the limit as I watched two games AND had a pint! Who said men can’t parallel process?

Overall a very good night. I left my laptop in work (seemed to make sense at the time) and so came back to collect it. Thats why I’m posting at 10.45pm. Don’t for a second think I’m dedicated to this blogging lark! I’m off home to my bed! But stay tuned as another nugget of Swiss life through the rose tinted glasses of an Irishman beckons! Or maybe that should be Guinnes tinted? Anyhooo good night one and all…



One response to “Go on the Munster…

  1. Weren’t the Reivers sorta like land pirates in Scotland a few hundred years back. Possibly some even turned to cannibalism…

    Good weekend for most of the Irish provinces, Leinster the only losers, but it was only their opening game. I’m happiest about Connacht’s win. That was very nice.

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