Bits and bobs from Basel

Its been busy today,

Busy but boring! Sciency stuff. So, for todays post I’m dragging out a few photos and things I did over the weekend. Unless of course you want to know about my gel and tissue culture??

So Friday night was spent at Martin’s house (the boss) for a BBQ. My first Swiss BBQ! He has a great house in the countryside to the south of Basel. His garden is amazing, lots of apple trees and fig trees and all sorts of things. The cenetrepiece is a huge pond that has a section for swimming. It looked very green and cold but was very “refreshing” supposedly. Anyway, the lab presented Martin with a poster of him comprised of the photos of past lab members and various events and occasions during his twenty years at the Biozentrum.

Can you see the resemblance? Gregor in the lab spent a lot of time altering the colour of the various photos so that the software could construct the image.

Sunday was spent wandering round the city centre. I was starving and followed my “instincts” down to the river and lo and behold across on the other bank was a fair with food stalls! Bingo, so I headed over and ended up getting a chicken malabar with ricce and poppadums! Really hit the spot. There was a big African, Jamacian, Indonesian, Indian feel to the whole thing. These guys had a fire going with strips of pork skewered around it. The smell was amazing.

They had loud reggae playing and I just had this relaxed feeling come over me as I walked past the tent! I was too hungry to wait for the pork to cook and went for a curry instead.

Finally saw this picture today stuck on a door in the physics building. Its to warn against wearing a pacemaker inside the room. Just thought it was funny!

No pacemakers allowed. Or heart attacks. Or both. In fact no hearts allowed at all!!


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