Did you just feel that…?

I love storms. I love lightening and thunder and golf ball sized hail stones and water hopping off the road (as long as I’m inside when it all kicks off). On Monday morning, specifically at the ungodly hour of 01.30am, the rain starting pounding on my window followed by a downpour of vicious hailstones.

Then the light show started. Lightening everywhere. Defeated and knowing I wasn’t going to get much sleep I went to my “kitchroom” for some water. I had the bottle in my hand when there was an almighty clap of thunder. I dropped the bottle but luckily it was plastic and also about two inches from the draining board. I’ve never heard anything like it.

Today there was more of the same and I decided to check the Swiss Meteo for the forecast. Its looks okay but something caught my eye. The Swiss earthquake chart. Woah there horsey. Hold up a minute. I did not sign up for any major tectonic movements in my contract. I haven’t cheecked that the hostel is earthquake proof? Should I avoid all high rise buildings?

Luckily the hotspots for earthquakes are in the south of the country around the Alps. Because Basel is much further north it didn’t even enter my mind that I would be ducking for cover as “the big one” hit? But on this map, the Basel area is highlighted also! Just my bloody luck.

The big red bit at the bottom is the Alps and the rest of the country is relatively clear. Apart from the orange bit up north. Exactly where Basel is. Brilliant!

The city was levelled with a big quake in the 1100’s I think. Aparantly you can get health insurance here to cover you in case of earthquake induced injuries. Also they’re changing the planning laws so that buildings will have to have a certain degree of earthquake proof features built in! We’re due another big one in the next 200 years. Luckily my contract isn’t that long.


3 responses to “Did you just feel that…?

  1. We had a fairly big earthquake here a couple of years ago. It was large enough to wake us up from a sound sleep at about 1:00 a.m. Apparently there is a faultline just south of Basel in Reinach (where we used to live). The earthquake that we felt had it’s epicenter in Pratteln (where the IKEA Is) just a few kilometers from Basel.
    …whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

  2. Yeah there have been a couple since we’ve been here it’s pretty crazy when they happen!

    There is a rather large fault line which runs from the Vosgue mountains in Alsace straight through Basel.

  3. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your interest in A World of Bloggers. I think your blog is a great idea, interesting and informative. I know you are Irish, but as it has a very Swiss flavour to it, I have given you the Swiss spot there.

    Please remember to add a link back.

    Regards, Rhys

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