Cells and tubes and flats…

Thats all I’ve been doing for the last few days.

And I’m hoping to get your help. The job here in Basel has kicked into gear and I’d forgotten how much time this “work” thing takes up! It really gets in the way of doing anything else! But do stuff I must as I’m hoping to get an apartment/flat (still not sure what the difference is) sorted out. This is so I can leave the “Kitchroom” behind and also that Eva will have somewhere to move to when when she arrives in October.

So, good people, I’m looking for advice. I’ve already viewed two places and have three more lined up over the next two days. I’m going to post about each one over the next few days and I want any comments, criticisms, hints, ideas or just darn good advice!

So onto property one which I viewed yesterday: A two room apartment on the fourth floor of a building on Wattstrasse.

Wattstrasse in all its glory!

Wattstrasse is not a great area, close to the metropolis of Novartis and undergoing a lot of major roadworks and stuff nearby.

The staircase up to the apartment. There’s no lift but a “dumb waiter”?

The building was very clean on the outside and in the communal areas.

The first room on the left as you come through the front door.

The heating is provided from the city. Hot water is piped from the street up through the building and its controlable at each radiator.

The second room, pretty much identical to the first.

The majority of rentals in Basel come unfurnished although you can get furnished places if you want.

The kitchen. Small fridge and freezer which is not good with a shoebox for a freezer. The Swiss don’t seem to need freezers?

The kitchen was kinda small although it had enough room for a table and chairs. Also the door to the balcony at the back.

The view from the balcony. Its north facing but large with a clothes line.

The balcony was good. And let plenty of light into the kitchen. Although we’re looking for a south facing balcony if possible. Lots of plants to grow!

And the most important room in the place. The jacks, the bog, the throne room, the wee boys room, the john, the crapper, the biffy, the lav, the can, the loo, the outhouse…you get the idea!

So thats it people. Let me know what you think. Property number two will be posted tomorrow!!


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