Thank F its Friday…

Work has been hectic this week and I’m gald to have survived till this evening. So much to do, so many ideas for experiments and not enough energy or time to do them. Still, it’s only the first proper week of bench work, plenty more to come. So onto the important things.

I realised I should give you the guidelines as to how I’m choosing these properties for perusal. Firstly Eva and I want a place that has at least two bedrooms. A big kitchen is also needed as the one in Dundee was cramped and when we get cooking we need lots of room!! Finally a balcony, pointing south or south west would be nice. Also near the city centre and work for both of us. Not too picky at all!

So as promised property two. Without wanting to biase the voting, this is my favourite so far. Out of a total of two! But this place was amazing. More expensive than property one but you’ll understand why when you see it. Its located on Missionstrasse which is a big street running close to the University so perfect for me. This is large living room and kitchen:

The flat is 90 square metres with three bedrooms not including this room. So kinda big. The entire building has just been refurbished. The kitchen includes a big fridge and dishwasher.

Close up of the kitchen:

All the mod cons and plenty more beside. Also plenty of room which we were wanting!

This is looking from the hallway back into the living room, the kitchen is on the right:

There are plenty of windows all round giving loads of light. These windows look out onto gardens at the back of the building.

The three rooms are pretty similar so I’m only going to show you the first one:

Kinda narrow and this one has the corner taken out with the ceiling at a slant but they’re big enough for a double bed and the usual stuff.

Then the most important room and the most disappointing aspect to this place, the bathroom:

Its a funny shape, kinda like a squared of “U”. In one corner you have fittings for a washing machine, in the other corner the bath and a shower fitting and then the toilet and sink in the middle.

The place does however have a WC. Situated next door to the bathroom there’s a proper shower, toilet and sink as well:

Its a pokey room again like the bathroom but has everything you need.

So thats it folks. Also included is cellar space downstairs, a dedicated bike shed and gardens. No balcony which is not good but for the locationa nd finish its a very nice place. Let me know what you think>


One response to “Thank F its Friday…

  1. You don’t seem to be totally convinced when it comes to the bathrooms. Plus, no balcony? Those are both very important.
    I’d take a pass!

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